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Ivan Stepanovych Marchuk 1936 | Ukraina

Marchuk is a contemporary ukrainian painter. He was recently listed among the 100 living geniuses. Marchuk invented a unique way of painting his pictures, which he calls "dabbing-on", thus creating an unusual effect of luminescence of his works. Ivan Marchuk was born in a family of a weaver. He studied applied art in Lviv till 1965. Later he worked in Kiev. In 1989 he left USSR and lived in the USA, Canada and Australia, where he became renowned. After the September 11, 2001 attacks which he saw, Marchuk returned to Kiev. Not having been valued in the Soviet Union, Marchuk was well accepted in the independent Ukraine obtaining a prestigious T. Shevchenko award in 1997. A museum of Ivan Marchuk is planned to be constructed in Kiev.