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Pierre Farel 1957 | France

Farel was born in Orange in the south of France. Former student at the Avignon School of "Beaux Arts", he now lives and works in the Mediterranean Island of Corsica. To date, he has created 1600 oil paintings, 180 watercolours and oil on paper, 16 lithographs, 1 Art book with 158 pages, 2 jewellery collections, 2 jazz CD covers, 1 Corsican CD « Distinu », a bronze sculpture, a wine label, the covers of 4 novels, illustrations for poems and 35 reproductions of his oil paintings have been edited by Braun editions.He has exhibited on numerous occasions in Paris, London, Marseilles, Lyons, Saint Paul de Vence, Avignon, Cassis, Annecy, Draguignan, Chartres, Bordeaux, Nancy, in Corsica and on the French Riviera as well as in the international cities of New-York, Miami, Barcelona, Brussels, Berlin, Lausanne, Hamburg, Beijing, Hong-Kong and Shanghai.