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Licio Passon 1965 | Italy

To comprehend the artistic life of Licio Passon you can’t neglect his belonging to his homeland of the Friuli region and his truest and most profound values of a rustic life that he has made his own and not revisited as a faded memory. The people who have formed him have been his parents who well knew the hardship of the fields. The same fields that to the eyes of a little boy, born in the second half of the ‘60s, appeared as a treasure chest where there were hidden fruit, berries, flowers and little animals; a real world to discover and to understand in every little detail, but also to fix on a drawing sheet to limti its fugacity. Since then Passon has never left his paintbrushes and colours to follow his artistic calling though not neglecting his technical studies. He hasn’t abandoned painting even during a working period which has also contributed to develop his ability of observation and an extraordinary meticulousness, destined thanks to the following knowledge of expressive means to let his talent emerge. All this has confirmed Passon as an artist and he has been recognized even Overseas as “pictor optimus” for the skillfulness that his kind of work requires in adherence to reality, which to be represented needs the exercise of some indispensable skills among which there are persistance, will of learning, love for application and study, complete dedication. The knowledge of the great artists of the past, the will to risk in order to copy their work, the participation to great international events linked to art, the growing success, even abroad, of collectionists and art galleries have all made Passon in the last years to completely dedicate himself to painting in his studio in Campoformido, where an abundant collection of works were born whose elaboration requests attention, ability and taste for colour. The predilection of the artist for all that is connected with what is calm, harmonious, Beauty results in a choice that is really nonconformist, to the extent of being provocatory for wanting to realise what for many people is indispensable: painting a reality that is more convincing than the real one and for that nonetheless captivating from the original.