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Stephanie Clair

With the matrimony of emotion, cubes and color, CLAIR shares her inspiration from happy, dreamy moments in life that we can all relate to, but so easily forget.
A first love, a last love, a memory, lovers sipping wine, being enlightened, inspired by sweet music... those moments are ours to remember- but the speed of time can erase the memories we all take for granted. CLAIR tries to capture a snapshot of that moment on canvas. Each painting has a feeling; each feeling tells a story.
Her eyes in the paintings allow the viewer to reach in and let you connect. She feels they are the windows to ones soul.
Clair’s technique is a delicate blend of color, technique, imagination, and cubism meant to evoke mystery and emotion.

Her goal is to challenge the viewer’s eye and mind, as you get lost in a three-dimensional world of people passion and beauty.
Influences in her work include Picasso, Matisse, Chagall, Modigliani and Kandinsky - hence the bright colors, dreamy people, and cubist perspectives. Raised in upstate NY, CLAIR drew her way through those cold winter days, then soon after high school she moved to Virginia where she got a BFA in painting/design at Old Dominion University. She had enough cold to last a lifetime and now has found home in sunny San Diego.