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Daniel Sprick, 1953 | Figurative painter

Daniel Sprick is an Colorado-based artist, known for his contemporary realism in figurative, still-life and landscape paintings.
For Sprick, Northern and Italian Renaissance are the periods some of his favorite artworks were done. Starting with the 1400s, and going forward to the work of Hans Holbein and Vermeer.

When talking about the depth and sincerity, both Baroque and Renaissance painting have become a standard for the artist. The idea of working with no limit on the labor required to finish the piece is appealing to him.

Also, he loves the Naturalist School, which was active in the 19th century, especially Pascal Dagnan-Bouveret and Jules Dupre.

In fact, Sprick’s work looks a lot more like the 19th-century pieces than a Renaissance ones, even though he likes the earlier period more.
But, what he actually tends to do, is the modern time. He seeks to capture the sensibility of our time, and how the objects and people look today.