Armand Guillaumin 1841-1927

Armand Guillaumin, in full Jean-Baptiste-Armand Guillaumin (born February 16, 1841, Paris, France-died June 26, 1927, Paris), French landscape painter and lithographer who was a member of the Impressionist group.

Francois Batet | Art Déco painter

Spanish painter François Batet, 1921 started his artistic path working as an illustrator for various magazines (Hachette, Gautier-Languereau, France-Soir, France Dimanche, Confidences).
He is particularly famous for the pictures of ladies spending their time together at some restaurants, parks and others places of entertainment. The pictures are made in the style of 20th and the subjects are mainly female. All the women are highly chic and refine emphasized by a vintage environment.

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