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Linda Leucareth | Infrared photographer

I am an amateur photographer from Cornwall England. I enjoy all sorts of Landscape and wildlife photography as well as experimenting with Infrared and HDR. I also dabble at painting in acrylics and finger painting on the i-pad.

I started out on DA with my paintings but whilst taking stock photos for painting reference i instead became obsessed with photography I love all types of Surreal photography especially Infrared and High Dynamic Range and hope you enjoy them as much as i do I still paint on occasion as well, mainly working in acrylics and i've had a dabble at some digital finger painting on the i-pad.

I have a passion for the fantastic, mythical stories and magical landscapes, the more bizzare and imaginative the better. I also love powerful art that sends a meaningful message to the world.
I love animals and nature and all things untouched by humanity. In the same breath most human activity on the planet moves me in the opposite way as its often detrimental to everything thats naturally here.