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Konstantin Korovin | Paris, Cafe de la Paix, 1906

Considered as one of the greatest Russian🎨 Impressionists, Konstantin Korovin / Константи́н Алексе́евич Коро́вин (Mosca, 5 dicembre 1861 - Parigi, 11 settembre 1939) was a man of many talents for not only was he a painter, but he was also a theater designer and writer.
As a painter, he was skilled in all genres:  landscape, still life and portraits.
The history of Russian impressionism is associated with Korovin’s paintings, which were characterized by their impulsive spontaneity.

In most of his paintings, Korovin intentionally did not fully render the subjects, treating them as if they were studies.
On his 50th birthday Konstantin Korovin defined his creativity as follows: "My major and the only ever-pursued purpose in art was beauty, esthetic influence on the viewer, the fascination of colors and shapes. No lecturing, no moral tendency to anybody ever".