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Sir George Clausen RA | A gleaner, 1901

Sir George Clausen RA (b London, 18 Apr. 1852; d Cold Ash, nr. Newbury, Berkshire, 22 Nov. 1944). British painter (mainly of landscapes and scenes of rural life), the son of a decorative painter of Danish descent.
His training included a few months at the Académie Julian, Paris, in 1883 and his work was influenced by French plein-air painting. He was particularly interested in effects of light, often showing figures set against the sun, but he always retained a sense of solidity of form.

With other like-minded painters he was a founder of the New English Art Club in 1886.
From 1904-1906 he was professor of painting at the Royal Academy.
His lectures were published as Six Lectures on Painting (1904) and Aims and Ideals in Art (1906); a collected edition appeared as Royal Academy Lectures on Painting in 1913.
In them he urged the traditional study of the Old Masters. | Text Source: The Oxford Dictionary of Art and Artists (Oxford University Press)