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Zhaoming Wu 吴兆铭, 1955

Zhaoming Wu 吴兆铭 is a Chinese-born painter. Wu grew up in Guangzhou City, China and he received his BFA from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and his MFA from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, California.
Wu is known best for his figurative paintings. Inspired heavily by 19th century French painting🎨, Wu describes his work as "representational, but not traditional classical".
This can be seen, as Wu uses modern elements of graphic design in his work.

Wu's design principles derive from traditional Chinese painting🎨. Wu begins composing a new image by determining what he calls points, masses, and lines.
A line refers to any prominent edge, shape, or series of shapes that sweeps through the painting. A point refers to any small shape, and a mass refers is any large shape or cluster of small shapes that can be grouped together to become one large shape.
While a painting can be built on two or even just one of these three elements, Wu prefers to build his compositions on a mixture of all three.
"I use points, masses, and lines the way a composer uses notes to write a song", Wu explains.

Zhaoming Wu è un pittore nato e cresciuto nella città di Guangzhou, in Cina. Ha conseguito il suo BFA presso la Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts e il suo MFA presso la Academy of Art University, San Francisco, California.
Dal 1983, il lavoro di Wu è stato esposto in Asia , Europa e Stati Uniti.
Ha vinto premi🎨 tra cui il Merit Award alla sesta Mostra Nazionale d'Arte, Pechino; il Gustafson Fund Award; il National Oil and Acrylic Painter's Society Award🎨 (Stati Uniti); primo posto nella nona edizione della Biennale Nazionale di pittura e disegno di figure; secondo posto nella rivista internazionale per artisti Challenge No. 4 (agosto / settembre 2001); ed il Daler-Rowney Award degli Oil Painters of America.