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Pantelis Zografos (Greek, 1949)

Παντελής Ζωγράφος was born in Athens, Greece, into a family with along tradition of producing fine artists. In greek language, the name of Zografos means artist: and following the Greek custom, Pantelis took the name of his paternal grandfather, a renowned iconographer.
Both of his parents were professional artists, and he spent much of his youth in their studio in Athens.
In 1971, after serving the Greek Air Force, Pantelis moved to America.

He studied at the University of Wisconsin at Madison and painted landscapes in his spare time.
In 1979 Pantelis moved to Raleigh, North Carolina: nine years later he decided to pursue his love of art and paint professionally.
He quickly found a favorable reception to his work which is now widely distributed throughout the U.S.A. Pantelis occasionally paints in oils but mainly uses watercolor to depict the colorful landscapes and seascapes of Greece.