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Zhao Xiaoli, 1990 | Pop Surrealist painter

Zhao Xiaoli 赵小黎 is a trend artist based in Xiamen who has attracted widespread attention on social media platforms both in China and internationally.
Using short video as an innovative way to communicate the creative process to a mass audience, she is the first female art influencer in the world to reach over 10 million followers.
Her work mostly explores the emotions and confusions of growing up as a woman, and seeks a unique form of self-expression through the fusion of oil painting and moving images.

Being a Master of Fine Arts graduate from Autonomous University of Barcelona, she innovates the dissemination of artistic creation in the form of short videos.
The main subject of her paintings are women and flowers.
She believes that the beauty between women and flowers is interlinked.
Zhao Xiaoli draws some of her thoughts and feelings into the pieces that she works on.
She feels everyone has their own artistic expression.

Many characters and feelings conveyed in her paintings are somewhat similar to herself.
It has been two years since she has relied on images and paintings to enter everyone’s field of vision.
"Looking back on the past few years, I am lucky, fortunate in the tolerance and change of the times, but there has been hardships and ridicule that I have had to face. Some people say that I am a pioneer of exploration, while others sneer at me", says Zhao Xiaoli.
With over 20 million followers on her social media platforms, she was announced Douyin Person of the Year, has held numerous exhibitions in art galleries and has been reported by well-known media at home and abroad.

Zhao Xiaoli 赵小黎 è un artista di tendenza con sede a Xiamen che ha attirato l'attenzione diffusa sulle piattaforme di social media sia in Cina che a livello internazionale.
Utilizzando brevi video come modo innovativo per comunicare il processo creativo ad un pubblico di massa, è la prima influencer artistica femminile al mondo a raggiungere oltre 10 milioni di follower.
Il suo lavoro esplora principalmente le emozioni e le confusioni della crescita come donna e cerca una forma unica di autoespressione attraverso la fusione della pittura ad olio e delle immagini in movimento.