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Emily Dickinson | The Spirit lasts, but in what mode / Lo Spirito persiste, ma in che modo..

The Spirit lasts - but in what mode -
Below, the Body speaks,
But as the Spirit furnishes -
Apart, it never talks -
The Music in the Violin
Does not emerge alone
But Arm in Arm with Touch, yet Touch
Alone - is not a Tune -

Sir. Joshua Reynolds PRA | Mrs. Lloyd | Smithsonian American Art Museum

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Jane DeDecker | The Women's Suffrage Monument / Monumento al Suffragio Femminile

By Jane DeDecker / The concept of this proposed women’s monument was inspired by a letter from Elizabeth Cady Stanton to Lucretia Mott in which she wrote about the power of words and deeds:

"Every word we utter, every act we perform, waft unto innumerable circles, beyond".

I wanted to capture the collective energy from all women who have made this happen, as well as acknowledge that we still need to keep moving as we strive for equality.
When a water droplet impacts a body of water it pushes waves outward and rebounds upward as a smaller droplet. This droplet, called the daughter droplet - gains height - then falls back to the water in what is called a coalescent cascade. This describes the height, breadth, and lasting impact of the Suffragists’ work.
The composition centrally places Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton writing the Declaration of Sentiments. This friendship holds the beginning of the women’s movement, the drop of water coalescing its impact on US history. Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony writing the Sentiments forms a unified force that truly speaks of the oneness of their purpose.

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Trung Cao | Realist painter

- "I’m a realist artist residing in the Vallejo, California. While oil is my favorite medium, I also work in graphite, charcoal, acrylic and gouache. My artwork reflects on themes of values and exquisite beauty, real or imaginary.
Through the lens of classical art admiration, and behind the aesthetic surface, many of my work critique on how we derive values and meanings from myth, folklore, legend, and the generality of storytelling".

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Billy Kidd, 1980 | Fine art Photographer

Billy Kidd is an American self-taught photographer born in Panama City, Florida.

- "When I was six years old we sold everything in a garage sale.
I made an impressive $20 selling my He-Man action figures, Castle of Grayskull, G.I. Joe's and every little thing I had.
I thought it would be fun to put my money in a small wooden box and bury it with a long white string tied to it coming out of the dirt, it would be my buried treasure. I never found the money".

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Jacob Dhein, 1978 | Ballet dancers

Jacob Dhein is a painter from San Francisco whose paintings capture the modern world with the nostalgic nature of the past.
He works across multiple disciplines including figurative, landscape, and plein air painting, and his talent is founded in his desire to teach others as he also continues to learn himself.

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Stuart Dunkel, 1952 | Surrealist painter

Born in New Jersey Stuart Dunkel began playing classical music and painting at the age of 5. He went on to study music music at Boston University, Mannes College of Music, the Juilliard School (Doctorate).
He also studied art at the Boston Museum School, Kent State, the Academy of Realist Art, the Seattle Academy of Art and privately with renowned artists.
After a career as a musician playing with top orchestras around the world, Stuart switched to fine art at the age of 42. Dunkel's primary influences come from the Netherlands artists between 1550-1720 for their clarity of image and beauty in painting. The surreal aspects of his work may stem from his early fascination with Salvador Dali.

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Karl Albert Buehr (Pittore Impressionista, 1866-1952)

Karl Albert Buehr fu un pittore nato in Germania, a Feuerbach, vicino a Stoccarda.
Si trasferì a Chicago con i suoi genitori e fratelli negli anni 1880.
A Chicago, il giovane Karl ha lavorato in vari lavori fino a quando non è stato assunto da una compagnia litografica vicino all'Art Institute of Chicago.
Introdotto all'arte al lavoro, Karl visitava regolarmente l'Istituto d'arte, dove trovava un'occupazione a tempo parziale, permettendogli di iscriversi alle lezioni notturne.
Più tardi, lavorando presso l'Istituto come guardiano notturno, ha avuto un'opportunità unica di studiare i maestri e ha effettivamente pubblicato schizzi che si fondevano favorevolmente con il lavoro degli studenti.

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Max Cole | Tonalist painter

Max Cole was born sometime in the 70's. Max studied with some very well-known artists including four years of intensive study learning the techniques of the Old Masters.
Max now lives away from the heat in the cool Cascade Mountains of the Pacific Northwest. His real love is art where he can share the love and gratitude in his heart with others. He's also a rootin' tootin' flannel-shirt-wearing mountain man.