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Bobbie Burgers, 1973 | Abstract floral painter

Vancouver artist Bobbie Burgers received a B.A. in Art History in 1996 from the University of Victoria in British Columbia.
Her work has been exhibited widely at home and abroad, notably including Art Market San Francisco and Equinox Gallery.
Today, her works are in the collections of the Berost Corporation in Toronto and the Royal Bank of Canada, among others.
Burgers lives and works in Vancouver, Canada.

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Rémi LaBarre (Canadian, 1977)

Inspired by romance lovers, music, Rémi LaBarre painted series of modern portraits in a vintage theme.
In 1977, in Thetford Mines, Rémi LaBarre gets a first glance of the world. In his childhoold, he draws, often, on paperboards and paper…
One day, a friend who paints suggests testing this medium.
He thus gets some brushes, a few colors and his first painting will dry throughout the days of September 1994. Since then, several paintings, whether portraits or still life, all tales told.

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Maurice Cullen (1866-1934) | The pioneer of the Canadian Impressionism

Maurice Galbraith Cullen was a pioneer of impressionism in Canadian art🎨 and is particularly noted for his winter landscapes.
Cullen moved to Montréal with his family in 1870. There he began his art training as a sculptor at the Conseil des arts et manufactures and with sculptor Louis-Philippe Hébert. Like other artists of his generation, he went to Paris for additional training.

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Mostafa Keyhani, 1954 | Modern impressionist painter

Mostafa Keyhani is an Award winning🎨 painter who lives and works in Toronto. His works are collected both in Canada and United States.
  • Artist statement:
His work is essentially in be field of modern impressionism.
Light plays an important role in his work, as well as movement of colours.

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Ginette Beaulieu, 1954 | Magical realism painter

Ginette Beaulieu was always passionate about drawing and in particular, was drawn to the techniques of the Renaissance masters, of which she completed formal training from 1979-1980.
Beaulieu is educated in art restoration and in ancient painting techniques. She defines herself as a hyperrealist painter and uses oil, pastel and pencil in her work.
Her work is distinguished by the use of mediums that she develops from decanted oils and natural pigments.

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Elizabeth Forbes (1859-1912) Victorian genre painter

Born in Canada, Elizabeth Adela Armstrong Forbes (née Amstrong) studied in New York, Munich, Zandevoort, and Brittany before settling in London in 1883.
There she joined the Society of Painter-Etchers and produced more than forty drypoints over six years.
After marrying fellow artist Stanhope Forbes🎨 in 1889, she moved to Cornwall and focused on painting, since she could no longer rely on the services of an expert printer.

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Helen McNicoll (1879-1915) Impressionist painter

Helen Galloway McNicoll was a Canadian🎨 impressionist painter. She was one of the most notable female artists in Canada in the early twentieth century and achieved considerable internal success during her decade-long career.
She played an important role in popularizing Impressionism in Canada at a time when it was still relatively unknown.
McNicoll was born in Toronto to an affluent family. Her parents were David McNicoll and Emily Pashley.
McNicoll became deaf in early childhood due to scarlet fever, and as a result, focused her energies on playing the piano and developing a keenly observant eye.

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Claude Theberge (Abstract painter, 1934-2008)

Canadian painter Claude Théberge was known primarily for his paintings, but also produced murals, stained glass and sculptures.
Over many years he divided is time between Paris and Montreal, all the while exploring the full range between pure Abstraction and Hyper-realism.