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Charlotte Wahlström | Landscape painter

Charlotte Constance Wahlström (1849-1924) was a Swedish painter.
Wahlström was born in the parish of Svärta in Södermanland, Sweden. She was the daughter of Anders Wahlström and Carolina Setterberg. She attended the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm.
She traveled on a scholarship to Paris, Brittany in 1885 and later to Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.
In 1889, she spent a period in the artist colony in Barbizon.
Wahlström exhibited her work at the Palace of Fine Arts at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Illinois.


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Anna Gardell-Ericson

Anna Maria Gardell-Ericson (Visby, 10 ottobre 1853 – Stoccolma, 2 giugno 1939) è stata una pittrice ed acquarellista Svedese. Si è specializzata in scene costiere e paesaggi con laghi o fiumi.
Suo padre, Johan, è generalmente descritto come un pittore di paesaggi, anche se potrebbe essere stato principalmente un funzionario amministrativo locale.
All'età di sedici anni, iniziò a dipingere e mostrò un talento sufficiente per essere inviata in Svizzera per iniziare i suoi studi.
In seguito, studiò con Per Daniel Holm alla Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts di Stoccolma; debuttando in una delle mostre dell'Accademia nel 1875.
L'anno successivo, vinse una medaglia di bronzo alla Centennial Exposition di Filadelfia.


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Carl Larsson (Swedish, 1853-1919)

Larsson is one of the most famous Swedish artists and perhaps the most beloved people. He is known for his watercolor paintings of idyllic family life.
Carl Larsson was a painter and interior designer, representative of the Arts and Crafts Movement. His many paintings include oils, watercolors and frescoes.
He considered his finest work to be Midvinterblot (Midwinter Sacrifice), a large wall mural now displayed inside the Swedish National Museum of Fine Arts.
Larsson was born in 'Gamla stan', the old town in Stockholm, in 1853. His parents were extremely poor and his childhood sad and miserable. However, at the age of thirteen his teacher at the school for poor children urged him to seek entry into the 'principskola' of the Stockholm Academy of Fine Arts where he also got accepted.


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Gustaf Theodor Wallen (1860-1948)

Gustaf Theodor Wallén was a Swedish painter, graphic artist, cartoonist and sculptor.
Wallén was born in Stockholm 14th December 1860.
Wallén studied at the Academy of Art under George von Rosen (1843-1923), a professor at the Academy from 1860-1908.
In 1887 Wallén won a travel award which enabled him to study in Paris at the Académie Colarossi and, under William Bouguereau🎨 at the Academie Julian.

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Carl Wilhelmson (Swedish, 1866-1928)

Carl Wilhelm Wilhelmson🎨 was born in the little fishing village of Fiskebäcksil on the west coast of Sweden.
He began working in a print works in Gothenburg as a lithography apprentice.
Wilhelmson trained first as a commercial lithographer in Göteborg.
In 1886 he enrolled as a student of decorative painting at Valand College of Art where his teacher was Carl Larsson🎨.


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Wilhelm von Gegerfelt | Skagen painter

Wilhelm von Gegerfelt, also Vilhelm von Gegerfelt (1844-1920) was a Swedish painter.
Born in Gothenburg, Gegerfelt was the son the architect Victor von Gegerfelt (1817-1915).
From 1861-1863, he studied at the Royal Danish Academy, at the Royal Swedish Academy from 1864-1867, and thereafter in Düsseldorf until 1872.


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Anders Zorn (1860-1920) | Impressionist painter

Anders Zorn, in full Anders Leonard Zorn, Swedish painter and etcher, internationally famed as one of the best genre and portrait painters in Europe at the end of the 19th century.
Zorn studied at the Stockholm academy and then travelled extensively throughout Europe. After working in England, France, and the United States, he returned to Mora in 1896.

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Anders Zorn | Omnibus, 1892 | Nationalmuseum, Stockholm

Anders Zorn | Omnibus (1891-1892) | Nationalmuseum, Stockholm (detail)

The electric evening light on the grand boulevards of Paris fascinated Anders Zorn (Swedish painter, 1860-1920)🎨.
With his virtuoso technique, he records here how it is reflected in the misted-up windows of an omnibus and falls on the faces and bodies of the passengers.
The main figure in the painting is the young woman with the square box. Behind her, a prostitute can be made out. Both represent the modern city, with its commercial attractions and dangers. | © Nationalmuseum, Stockholm