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Catherine Alexandre | France | Surrealist

While continuing the painting, I learn to do engraving with a spanish Master, Alfonso SAURA, and I was for five years in making engravings for a Paris gallery. I specialised in the Art Movement COBRA, principally the artists Karel APPEL and LINDSTRÖM. Winner of fashion's design (COURTELLE CREATIONS) for ten years I was designing clothings and embroidery motifs for a textile company. At the same time, my paintings were shown at a number of galleries and Art Exhibition. Then, as a free-lance, I have for five years created original characters for CARTOONS (model-sheets). I have discovered the world of cinema and began to write scenarios. And later, novels. Actually, I paint, I write, I organise an Exhibition of Fantastic Art in the local area and my wish is to have a grand STUDIO-GALLERY where I could open to the public. Also, I look after the flowers of my garden. Because above all, I am "contemplative". For me, the LIVE is a WHOLE. All activities that I follow from same state of mind, same search; to do to emerge the best in myself, drawing lessons in that surround to me, livings and things...