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Wojtek Siudmak 1942 | Polish/french fantastic realism painter

Wojtek Siudmak, an artist of polish origin, settled in France in 1966 and is considered one of the principal representatives of fantastic realism, like M.C. Escher, L. Fini and others. He himself claims to be a fantastic hyper realist, conscientiously putting his originality into relief. Fantastic realism, uniting an irreal vision with naturalistic art is rooted in surrealism as represented by S. Dali, R. Magritte and P. Delvaux. Siudmak is close to Dali by his brilliance in portraying the three-dimensional illusion of space, by his sense of light and shade as well as his linear and aerial perspective. Siudmak adds to these means of traditional artistic expression a very personal and purely hyper realist slant, where research into technical perfection is put to the use of an overflowing and highly original imagination.