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Yannick Bouchard (Canadian, 1982)

I am not claiming myself as a "surrealist artist", but my art is undeniably marked by their influence. I was also very impressed by some notable fantasy artists; the way they depict beauty and sensuality, and how they bring grandiose imaginary worlds to life.
Overall, my paintings are more or less a mixture of all those types; surrealism, fantasy with a touch of symbolism and even sometimes macabre.

But most of all, my paintings are images resulting of my inner thoughts and feelings; they are the expression of my love for the human body, the inspiring curves of femininity, as well as the superphysical side of the human mind, the mystical and the magical, or just very simple little things, like textures, colors and nature.
They are not intellectual pieces. They don't depict sophisticated and complicated opinions and cryptic theories.
Their essence is to stimulate the imagination and guide viewers where only they want to go. Mostly, I paint for myself; I paint what I want, I paint what I like, what moves me, what I feel and what I am.