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Gary Benfield (British painter, 1965) The Horses

"The world around me is a continuous sequence of fortuitous events. Objects and figures intertwine in my mind; they dance, they fuse and one adopts the colour and life of another. I find myself drawn into an intimate world where sensuality and delight in life’s form are combined in a flight of frolic and fantasy" - Gary Benfield.

Award-winning🎨 illustrator Gary Benfield was born in Birmingham, England. He studied art at Stourbridge College of Art (1982-1984) and at Wrexham College of Art (1984-1986).
In 1986, Benfield became a professional freelance illustrator.
Gary Benfield's artistic style is unique. A pencil in one hand and a paint brush in the other, he approaches the canvas and uses both at the same time, just letting 'what happens, happen'.

What's happened so far is quick success and what appears to be the beginning of a very impressive career. Benfield is ambidextrous by training, not by nature.
A competitive cyclist since his youth, he has broken his arms multiple times. Over the years he learned to compensate.
After leaving the academic world he set up his own studio near London and concentrated on drawing and painting figures. Within a few years, his work was being collected throughout Europe and his reputation had become firmly established.
Today, Benfield’s work enjoys mass global appeal and is collected by art collectors throughout the world

Nato a Birmingham, in Inghilterra Gary Benfield ha studiato arte allo Sturbridge College of art e ha continuato successivamente al prestigioso Wrexham College of Art.
Dopo aver lasciato il mondo accademico, ha aperto uno studio vicino a Londra e ha intrapreso uno dei suoi periodi più produttivi.
Durante questo periodo, ha sviluppato un carattere distintivo ma naturale. Benfield è sempre stato affascinato dalla forma umana e domina il suo lavoro.
Dipinge per immagini, traslucide e oniriche, sempre emozionali e intime. Il suo lavoro è una danza dell'immaginazione, che unisce precisione e abilità artistica per rappresentare le sue "fiabe realistiche". Crea una giustapposizione unica di caos e proporzioni classiche, collisione di colore e linea, realismo e fantasia.