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Martin Johnson Heade 1819-1904 | Prolific american painter

Martin Johnson Heade born in Bucks county, Pa. He began his career as a portrait-painter, studied in Italy, traveled in the west, and then settled in Boston as a landscape-painter. This brought him into relations with Rev. James C. Fletcher, who induced him to visit Brazil with a view to preparing an illustrated work on hum-ruing-birds. The difficulties then existing in prop­erly chromo-lithographing his fine designs caused the abandonment of the work, but the pictures were purchased by Sir Morton Peto and taken to London. Mr. Heade has painted many western and tropical scenes, also views on the Hudson and the Massachusetts coast, which are characterized by rich effects of color and light, and by poetic sentiment. His studio is in New York city. Among his best-known works are "High Tide on the Marshes", "Nicaragua., Off the California Coast" (which was exhibited at the Centennial ex­hibition at Philadelphia in 1876), and "South American Scene." He has recently sent to exhibi­tions of the Academy "On the St. John's River, Florida " (1885), and "Sunset, Florida" (1886).