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Michał Świder 1962 | Poland

The allegorical figures from his frescoes and canvasses move with with refined elegance, lightly and quietly; they are slightly idealised pure and angelical. They are very much alike: similar gestures, mimicry, dress, the same narrow, almondlike eyes. The mysterious, screwed up looks, as if from another world inaccessible to our senses, give his works incredible psychological and metaphysical deph. Faces: human, angelical, androgenic and holy are the reflection of man's (artist's) soul, are the lyrical synthesis of his feelings, moods, consideration and experiences. The art of Świder is like a harbinger of hope, is like a light smile to the watcher, full of comfort amd almost physically perceptible warmth. It is evidence to that we still can sing. It may harbinger the coming of new era and new art which as one quite accurately put it will be spiritually deepened.