Linda Leucareth | Infrared photographer

I am an amateur photographer from Cornwall England. I enjoy all sorts of Landscape and wildlife photography as well as experimenting with Infrared and HDR. I also dabble at painting in acrylics and finger painting on the i-pad.

Ann Moeller | Realist/Portrait painter

Ann Moeller Steverson is a contemporary realist oil painter whose work includes portraits, figures and still life. Ann recently received honors for her portfolio at the 2014 Portrait Society of America Conference. Her latest works incorporate architectural salvage pieces as the framing or framework.

Josepha Brigette, 1950 | Bronze figurative sculptor

Josepha Brigette was born in the South of France and owed her first name to her mother's Italian origin. She began her career as a fashion designer. In spite of the international success which she gained, her creative thirst incited her to confront with other materials. Thus, at the beginning of 1990, Josepha chose to dedicate herself completely to sculpture. The man with whom she shares her life, having evolved in the world of plastic arts, accompanied her first steps. Josepha experimented with clay, stone and bronze, finally discovering the perfect medium for her to express her colorful whims: polyester. Josepha's sculptures live, move, breathe!

Roberta Ubaldi, 1965 | Abstract /Figurative painter

Italian painter Roberta Ubaldi was born in Terni and lives and works in Narni, a small city rich in history in the region of Umbria. In 1984 she obtained a diploma as Fine Arts Teacher. The curiosity and the desire to grow, led her to experiment and so, after studying and applying various classical techniques, she gradually developed a well-defined style of her own, characterized by extreme painting techniques and colours reduced to the bone.

Edvard Munch | Girl looking out the window, 1893

Norwegian painter Edvard Munch is widely known for his iconic pre-Expressionist painting "The Scream" / "The Cry". Edvard Munch, who never married, called his paintings his children and hated to be separated from them. Living alone on his estate outside Oslo for the last 27 years of his life, increasingly revered and increasingly isolated, he surrounded himself with work that dated to the start of his long career.

Dominic Davison | Romantic 3D Artist

Dominic Davison was born in London, 1972 and now lives in Buckinghamshire, UK where he gets his inspiration for his idyllic and romantic scenes. He has been creating art for many years and in this time built up a loyal fan base, which now spans worldwide.
Prior to joining MGL he worked as a freelance artist, having his work published in magazines such as '3D Artist', and 'Advanced Photoshop'.

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