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Bernard Peltriaux (1921-1999) | Art Deco painter

Bernard Peltriaux was an French painter🎨.
Born in Reims, in the northeast of France, Bernard Peltriaux went to study art in Paris in the studio of René Jaudon.
Impressed with the social life of the time he developed to a typical artists of the French scene.
Empathetic, rich in detail and with a touch of exclusivity Peltriaux painted scenes at equestrian events with beautiful women, living in the bistro, at the bar and at the Lido.

The major theme of the French painter was the lady of the Belle Époque and the "Roaring Twenties" in Paris between the World Wars.
However, it would be a misunderstanding, they wanted him as a painter quasi "historical" subjects understand, he had witnessed as a young man at this time.
Peltriaux 'choice of subject is otherwise justified: it gives him the opportunity to make his female figures the glamour of those times as not only fashion, but also the role of women changed.
Peltriaux shows up elegantly dressed ladies consistently as strong, so charismatic women; There are modern women who know obviously very exactly how much they differ from the generations of their mothers and grandmothers - and how much they open at one time new paths and possibilities to their daughters.
Many excellent Peltriaux' works are in private collections in France, Portugal, Morocco, Germany, United States, Belgium, Viet Nam, and Iran.

Il pittore Francese🎨 Bernard Peltriaux è nato nel 1920 a Reims.
Il soggetto principale ruota attorno al personaggio femminile.
Bernard Peltriaux ha svolto studi artistici presso la School of Fine Arts di Reims. Ha anche preso lezioni di disegno e pittura nel laboratorio di Jaudon a Parigi.
Bernard Peltriaux è stato membro di numerose grandi fiere come artisti indipendenti, quella di arte libera ecc.
Bernard Peltriaux ha esposto in gallerie parigine, internazionali e anche nelle province, nonché in numerosi musei, in particolare in Francia, Marocco, Svizzera, Belgio, Portogallo, Germania, Stati Uniti, Iran e Vietnam.

Bernard Peltriaux ha ricevuto numerosi riconoscimenti:
  • Accademico italiano con medaglia🎨 d'oro;
  • Cavaliere al merito culturale e artistico;
  • Critica alla Palma d'Oro di Parigi;
  • Knight of the Society for the Promotion of Progress;
  • Medaglia d'argento dal Salon de L´Art Libre;
  • Medaglia d'argento al premio umanitario di Francia:
  • Comandante Arts-Sciences-Letters.
L'artista è stato professore onorario di educazione artistica per un certo periodo della sua vita.