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Emile Schuffenecker (1851-1934)

Émile Schuffenecker was a French🎨 Post-Impressionist artist, painter, art teacher and art collector.
A friend of Paul Gauguin🎨 and Odilon Redon🎨, and one of the first collectors of works by Vincent van Gogh🎨, Schuffenecker was instrumental in establishing The Volpini exhibition, in 1889.
His own work, however, tends to have been neglected since his death - and even worse, recent season campaigns in the media have reactivated resentments virulent since the late 1920s, when Schuffenecker was suspected to have imitated the work of other contemporary artists, among them, Van Gogh.

Still a contentious issue, it has not been established whether or not he produced forgeries.
Meanwhile, serious scholarly research at least has provided the base for a sober historical approach to Schuffenecker's life and work.
Together with Gauguin, Schuffenecker was trained at the Académie Suisse, in 1872, and at the Académie Colarossi, in 1883 - but his point of depart was, in 1866, the private atelier of Paul Baudry; in 1869 he received a "first class mention in design", as a pupil of Father Athanase, and from 1872-1881, he continued his training with Carolus-Duran🎨, admittance to the annual Salon included.
In 1882 and 1883, however, his paintings were refused by the Salon jury.
So Schuffenecker, in 1884, joined the Société des Artistes Indépendants and, in 1886, the Impressionists in their 8th and final exhibition.

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