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Abraham Pether (1756-1812)

Abraham Pether was an English🎨 landscape painter, recognised for his skill in depicting moonlit scenes.
He was also a talented musician, inventor, mathematician and philosopher.
He painted river and mountain scenery, with classical buildings, in a pleasing though artificial style, somewhat resembling that of Richard Wilson; but his reputation rests on his moonlight subjects, which attracted much admiration, and earned for him the sobriquet of "Moonlight" Pether.

He was partial to the combination of moonlight and firelight, as in such subjects as "Eruption of Vesuvius", "Ship on Fire in a Gale at Night", "An Iron foundry by Moonlight" etc., which he painted with fine feeling and harmony of colour.
Pether was a major exhibitor with both the Free Society of Artists and the Incorporated Society of Artists from 1773-1791, and at the Royal Academy from 1784-1811.
His "Harvest Moon", which was at the Academy in 1795, was highly praised at the time.
He had an extensive knowledge of scientific subjects, and in his moonlight pictures the astronomical conditions are always correctly observed.
Abraham Pether is known in the art world as "Old" Pether, to distinguish him from his sons Sebastian Pether (1790-1844) and Henry Pether (1828-1865)🎨, also landscape artists who became known for their moonlit scenes. | © Wikipedia

Abraham Pether era un pittore paesaggista Inglese🎨, riconosciuto per la sua abilità nel rappresentare scene illuminate dalla luna.
Dipinse paesaggi fluviali e montani, con edifici classici, in uno stile piacevole ma artificiale, in qualche modo simile a quello di Richard Wilson; ma la sua reputazione si basa sui suoi soggetti al chiaro di luna, che attirarono molta ammirazione e gli valse il soprannome di "Moonlight" Pether.
Era anche un talentuoso musicista, inventore, matematico e filosofo.