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Victor Bauer (American, 1969)

"My name is Victor Bauer and currently I live and work in New York. My work can be found in corporate and private collections in the US, Europe and Canada.
I consider myself a self taught artist. Painting comes as natural as walking to me. My father was a painter, and I grew up playing in his studio, drawing experimenting with colors.
My earlier works were mostly abstracts and during these years I developed my own style and technique using mostly just a palette knife".

"My fascination with the human figure for its timeless sensitivity is reflected in my latest works. In my paintings I try not only just to replicate a scene, but to create the mood and feelings.
Sometime when I feel it, I incorporate abstract fragments in a composition. I start with a drawing.

When I'm satisfied with the composition, I begin to apply paint in bold strokes with a palette knife. My knife strokes are deliberate, strong and well placed.
The goal is to be precise and minimal to create work that is striking and yet simple. The painting becomes almost 3D sculpting. I take away what is not important but concentrate on proportions and light".