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William Small | Victorian painter

William Small, (1843-1929) was a Scottish illustrator and artist.
His works are held by art galleries in Leicester, Liverpool, London and Manchester and his illustrations in noted periodicals including: Once a week, Good Words, the The Graphic and Harpers.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art describes him as being considered the most successful illustrator of his time.
His style is typically Victorian.

William Small (1843-1929) è stato un illustratore ed artista Scozzese.
Le sue opere sono conservate in gallerie d'arte a Leicester, Liverpool, Londra e Manchester e le sue illustrazioni in noti periodici tra cui: Once a week, Good Words, The Graphic e Harpers.
Il Metropolitan Museum of Art lo descrive come considerato l'illustratore di maggior successo del suo tempo.
Il suo stile è tipicamente vittoriano.