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Francesco Gioli (1846-1922) Macchiaioli painter

Francesco Gioli was an Italian painter🎨 and member of the Macchiaioli movement.
He was born in San Frediano a Settimo near Pisa.
He studied first in the Academy of Pisa, then in the Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze, under Antonio Ciseri and Enrico Pollastrini.
His painting of Carlo Emanuele di Savoia dispatches the Spanish Ambassador (1868), first exhibited in Florence, and awarded a prize at an exhibition in Pistoia in 1889, gave him recognition.


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Fritz Gartner (German, 1882-1958)

Fritz Gärtner, full name: Friedrich Anton Gärtner, was born in Aussig - Bohemia, the son of senior teacher Julius Gärtner. He was a painter, engraver and sculptor.
His first training was with the painter Josef Reiner in Aussig. In 1900 he joined Gabriel von Hackl's nature class at the Munich Art Academy.


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Carl Spitzweg | The Bookworm, 1850

"The Bookworm" / "Der Bücherwurm", is an oil-on-canvas painting by the German painter🎨 and poet Carl Spitzweg (1808-1885)🎨.
The picture was made circa 1850 and is typical of Spitzweg's humorous, anecdotal style and it is characteristic of Biedermeier art in general.


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Mark Daly, 1956 | Impressionist painter

Mark Daly is a professional American🎨 Impressionist artist of city street, beach and boat scenes.
He has received prominent awards🎨 in national juried art exhibitions.
Mark was taught to draw at an early age by Elizabeth Daly (his mother) and Woodhull Young (Curator of the Vanderbilt Museum). In recent years, CW Mundy🎨 has mentored Mark in oil painting.


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Arturo Faldi (1856-1911) Macchiaioli painter

Arturo Faldi was an Italian painter🎨. Faldi attended the Academy of Florence, a pupil of Michele Gordigiani and Muzzioli.
He began with arguments drawn from sacred history and paintings with Egyptian as: "Joseph sold to Potiphar", "Predicts that Atirte the first victories of Sesostris", "Pharaoh judged by the people".


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Walter Bondy (1880-1940) | Impressionist painter

Walter Bondy was born and grew up in a family of industrialists in Budapest.
Between 1902-1903, he attended academies in Vienna, Berlin and Munich.
He met Jules Pascin (1885-1930)🎨 at the Holosi Academy in Munich. Bondy arrived in Paris in 1903.
He associated with Le Dôme’s regulars, notably Rudolf Lévy, who introduced him to the German artists living in Paris.


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Lionel Royer (French, 1852-1926)

Lionel-Noël Royer was a French painter🎨. He was most famous for painting large scenes of the life of Joan of Arc in the Basilica of Bois-Chenu in Domrémy.
Lionel Royer was born in Château-du-Loir in Sarthe on December 25, 1852.
He volunteered before his 18th birthday for the Franco-Prussian War and took part in the Battle of Loigny-Poupry on December 2, 1870 under the command of General Athanase de Charrette de la Contrie.