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Петр Кончаловский (1876-1956), a Russian painter, was born in the village of Slavyanka not far from Kharkov. His father was a well-known literary man and publisher and had a great influence on his son. When Pyotr was seven years old, his father was arrested for revolutionary activities. The Konchalovskies’ estate was confiscated and the family was forced to move. At the age of eight Pyotr attended an art school in Kharkov and became interested in painting. After Pyotr’s father was released from prison the family left Kharkov and moved to Moscow. In 1889 Pyotr’s father decided to publish works by Mikhail Lermontov and Aleksandr Pushkin.


Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Les Bords de la Seine à Argenteuil, 1880

René Magritte - La bonne aventure, 1938

Rene Magritte was one of the most well known and famous Surrealist painters of all time, yet it was not until his 50s, when he was finally able to reach some form of fame and recognition for his work. He was extremely influential in the transformation of Surrealism art, to the pop art movement, with the work he created, and the distinct style which he took with the creations that he made during the course of his career. Much of the work created by Rene Magritte, takes everyday, normal objects, and he would simply rearrange the figures, and locations, forcing the viewer to take a deeper look at what was in front of them, and at what the image truly represented.

Felice Casorati - Portrait of Hena Rigotti, 1924


Claude Monet - Path through the Forest, Snow Effect, 1870

Camille Pissarro - White Frost, Woman Breaking Up Wood, 1890

Paul Gauguin - Allée des Alyscamps,1888

Adrianus Eversen 1818-1897

Dutch painter Adrianus Eversen (1818-1897) portrayed the typical 19th century Dutch atmosphere in his work. As a member of Arti et Amicitiae he belonged to the society of elite artists of his time.
Eversen was a contemporary of Cornelis Springer. Both painters were students of Hendrik Gerrit ten Cate at the same time, and usually painted contemporary regional (Oud-Hollandse) cityscapes. In his choice of subjects, Eversen allowed himself more freedom. He painted mostly imaginary cityscapes, consisting of existing and invented fragments, unlike the more faithful representations of Springer.
The everyday life of people, Dutch architecture, and the illumination effect of sunlight played a major role in his work.
One of his descendants was the painter Johannes Hendrik Eversen.

Claude Monet - Big Sea at Etretat, 1868-1869

Vincent van Gogh - The Sower, 1888


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