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Vincent Van Gogh | Portraits

Vincent van Gogh🎨 lived during the Impressionist era. With the development of photography, painters and artists turned to conveying the feeling and ideas behind people, places, and things rather than trying to imitate their physical forms.
Impressionist artists did this by emphasizing certain hues, using vigorous brushstrokes, and paying attention to highlighting.
Vincent van Gogh implemented this ideology to pursue his goal of depicting his own feelings toward and involvement with his subjects.
Van Gogh's portraiture focuses on color and brushstrokes to demonstrate their inner qualities and van Gogh's own relationship with them.
Vincent van Gogh painted portraits throughout his career from 1881-1890.

To his sister he wrote, "I should like to paint portraits which appear after a century to people living then as apparitions.
By which I mean that I do not endeavor to achieve this through photographic resemblance, but my means of our impassioned emotions, that is to say using our knowledge and our modern taste for color as a means of arriving at the expression and the intensification of the character".
Of painting portraits, Van Gogh🎨 wrote: "in a picture I want to say something comforting as music is comforting.
I want to paint men and women with that something of the eternal which the halo used to symbolize, and which we seek to communicate by the actual radiance and vibration of our coloring".