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Elaine Searle | Botanical painter

Elaine Searle è un'artista botanica pluripremiata e tutor con sede a Norfolk, nel Regno Unito.
Elaine Searle è riconosciuta a livello internazionale per i suoi acquerelli di piante, frutta e verdura. Spesso descritta come eterea e commovente, la sua arte sfida le percezioni della pratica botanica contemporanea.


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Alfred de Breanski, Jr. (1877-1957) | Garden painter

Alfred Fontville De Breanski Jr was a British artist known for Sunlit landscape and garden scene painting in rich detail and vivid colour.
Alfred Fontville de Breanski was born into a family of painters. Not only was his father the highly regarded Victorian landscape painter, Alfred de Breanski Sr., but his mother was the Welsh painter, Annie Roberts.
De Breanski began to study art at an early age, taught by his parents and an uncle all were accomplished painters, most especially Alfred de Breanski Sr.


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Drew Darcy (British painter, 1976)

Artista, Cantante e Cantautore, Drew Darcy ha forgiato una carriera di successo come artista figurativo contemporaneo, pubblicato dalla principale casa editrice britannica, Washington Green Fine Art.
Drew Darcy lavora principalmente con l'olio. Vive e lavora nel suo studio nel Worcestershire, in Inghilterra.
Ha collezionisti da ogni angolo del globo e ha forgiato una carriera di successo come artista figurativo e contemporaneo in tutto il mondo.
Combina anche i suoi talenti artistici con la sua musica, come cantautore e designer internazionale.


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Wilfred Jenkins (British Victorian painter, 1857-1936)

Wilfred Bosworth Jenkins was a little known Victorian artist whose work is, according to the Dictionary of British Artists, now beginning to arouse interest as he painted moonlit street and dock scenes in the style of J. Atkinson Grimshaw🎨.
As with the latter his works, often moonscapes, are incredibly atmospheric depicting a gothic view of Victorian England that inspires as many people today as in Jenkins’s own lifetime.


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Valentine Cameron Prinsep (Indian-born British Pre-Raphaelite painter, 1838-1904])

Valentine Cameron Prinsep, often known as Val Princep,was a British painter🎨 of the Pre-Raphaelite school.
Prinsep's major paintings were "Miriam watching the infant Moses" (exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1867), "A Venetian lover" (1868), "Bacchus and Ariadne" (1869), "News from abroad" (1871), "The linen gatherers" (1876), "The gleaners" and "A minuet".
In 1877, Prinsep returned to India and painted a huge picture of the Delhi Durbar. It was a commission from Robert Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Earl of Lytton, the Viceroy of India.


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Charles Dickens (Victorian era Novelist, 1812-1870) | Quotes / Aforismi

Margaret Gillies | The Lost portrait of Charles Dickens found in South Africa (detail)

"Lega un albero di fico nel modo in cui dovrebbe crescere, e quando sarai vecchio potrai sederti alla sua ombra".
"Evitate di rimanere a bocca chiusa con coloro ai quali avete aperto il vostro cuore".
"L'allegria e la contentezza abbelliscono in gran misura, e sono dei famosi conservanti dello sguardo giovanile".

"There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor".
"Non c’è niente al mondo così irresistibilmente contagioso come il riso e il buonumore".

"Tutti gli imbroglioni della terra messi insieme sono nulla in confronto a coloro che ingannano se stessi".
"All other swindlers upon earth are nothing to the self-swindlers".


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Josephine Wall (British, 1947)

"The art of painting is more than a career to me", she says, "it is an all consuming obsession and a love of colour and form. In fact, if I am away from my easel for too long I become restless and anxious to paint again" - Josephine Wall.

Wall's paintings are mainly influenced and inspired by Arthur Rackham, with lesser influences from surrealist artists such as Magritte and Dalí, and the romanticism of the pre-Raphaelites.
A number of her works were exhibited in Teheran and Tokyo during 1974 and her first solo exhibition took place the following year in Swindon. Josephine and her paintings were the subject of a special feature on Southern Television in 1990.
Following a visit to the Spring Fair in Birmingham in 1993 she signed contracts with firms in Britain and Switzerland to publish her work as prints, posters and cards for worldwide distribution.
Her originals and limited edition prints by are often sold through Courtenay's Fine Art and Courtyard of Romance.


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Jim Farrant (British painter, 1972)

Born in Taunton Somerset, British painter🎨 Jim Farrant attended Portsmouth College of Art.
After a period of travel throughout America and Australia he commenced painting full-time in 2002 and has had considerable success since then. Jim's work is inspired by the American realist school.
"The painting process always begins with a photograph. From a substantial collection of digital images, I will make a composite picture".