Ruth and Naomi, 1886

Philip Hermogenes Calderon
Philip Hermogenes Calderon  (1833-1898) was an British painter of French birth (mother) and Spanish (father) ancestry who initially worked in the Pre-Raphaelite style before moving towards historical genre. He was Keeper of the Royal Academy in London.

Antonio Frilli ~ Sweet Dreams, 1892

Antonio Frilli [1880-1920] - Sweet Dreams, Nude Reclining in a Hammock, 1892


Thomas Sully ~ Portrait painter

Thomas Sully 1783-1872 was an British-born American painter, one of the finest U.S. portrait painters of the 19th century. Sully’s parents moved to the United States in 1792, settling in Charleston, S.C. He was a pupil of Gilbert Stuart in Boston (1807) and of Benjamin West in London (1809) and was influenced by the portrait artist Sir Thomas Lawrence. After 1810 he made Philadelphia his home, although in 1838 he visited London to paint a full-length portrait of the young Queen Victoria for the Society of the Sons of St. George of Philadelphia. His masterpiece in portraiture is “Col. Thomas Handasyd Perkins” (1831–32; Boston Athenaeum); his best known painting is “The Passage of the Delaware” (1819; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston).
Sully was an industrious painter who worked rapidly; he left about 2,000 portraits, a number of miniatures, and more than 500 subject and historical pictures. His paintings are elegant and romantically warm, emphasizing an economy of form and of colour, but his later work suffered from the sentimentality of the mid-19th century. /Encyclopædia Britannica/


Pat Brennan ~ Surreal Fantasy

Having been a traditional artist all my life, in the last two years I have discovered a great affinity for digital artwork in all its forms. A gift from my daughter of a computer complete with software started me on a path of discovery. In March 2006, I joined Deviant Art. Being a part of this community encouraged me to further my knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter9. I now work with a digital brush as easily as a real one.

Sir William Fettes Douglas

Woman in Shawl with Roses

John Gulich ~ A Violin Concerto, 1898

Frank Markham Skipworth

Zora, a Dancing Girl, 1889

Sidney Harold Meteyard (1868-1947)

I am Half-Sick of Shadows - Said the Lady of Shalott, 1913

Thomas Graham ~ Alone in London, 1904

Alone in London, 1904

Richard Westall ~ Helen of Troy and Paris

 - The Reconciliation of Helen and Paris after his Defeat by Menelaus, 1805