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Berthe Morisot: "I have sinned, I have suffered, I have atoned"

Berthe Marie Pauline Morisot (1841-1895) was a French painter and a member of the circle of painters in Paris who became known as the Impressionists.
Undervalued for over a century, possibly because she was a woman, she is now considered among the first league of Impressionist painters.

"To catch the fleeting moment-anything, however small, a smile, a flower, a fruit - is an ambition still unfulfilled".

"Men are inclined to believe that they fill all of one's life, but as for me, I think that no matter how much affection a woman has for her husband, it is not easy for her to break with a life of work".

"I have sinned, I have suffered, I have atoned".

"A love of nature is a consolation against failure".

"My ambition is limited to the desire to capture something transient, and yet, this ambition is excessive".