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Anne-Christine Roda, 1974 | Hyperrealist painter

Anne-Christine Roda is an French painter🎨.
She defines a highly original interpretation of the portrait:  in her work the painting is entirely subjugated to the portrayal of man’s fragility.
Her paintings, in terms of the choice of pose for her models and the neutral treatment of their backgrounds are as rooted in tradition, as her subjects are sourced unequivocally from our contemporary era.
Her choice of subject speaks directly to our everyday lives.

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Giorgos Seferis / Isaac Levitan | A word for Summer / Una parola sull'Estate, 1936

We’ve returned to autumn again; summer,
like an exercise book we’re tired of writing in, remains
full of deletions, abstract designs,
question marks in the margin; we’ve returned
to the season of eyes gazing
into the mirror under the electric light
closed lips and people strangers
in rooms in streets under the pepper-trees
while the headlights of cars massacre
thousands of pale masks.

We’ve returned; we always set out to return
to solitude, a fistful of earth, to the empty hands.

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Yannis Ritsos | The Meaning of Simplicity / Il senso della Semplicità

I hide behind simple things so you’ll find me;
if you don’t find me, you’ll find the things,
you’ll touch what my hand has touched,
Our hand-prints will merge.

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Ernst Koerner (1846-1927) | Landscape painter

Ernst Karl Eugen Koerner was a German🎨 landscape painter.
In 1861, while still attending the public schools, he began working in the studios of Hermann Eschke, where he received most of his artistic education.
Later, he also worked for Karl Steffeck and Gottlieb Biermann.

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Pedro Salinas / Anna Marinova | Wake up. Day calls you / Svegliati. Il giorno ti chiama..

Wake up. Day calls you
to your life: your duty.
And to live, nothing more.
Root it out of the glum
night and the darkness
that covered your body
for which light waited
on tiptoe in the dawn.

Svegliati. Il giorno ti chiama
alla tua vita: il tuo dovere.
A nient’altro che a vivere.
Strappa ormai alla notte
negatrice e all'ombra
che lo celava, quel corpo
di cui è in attesa, sommessa,
la luce, nell'alba.

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Ghiannis Ritsos / Jeffrey T. Larson | Debito autunnale

La casa profuma già di autunno.
E una volta ancora siamo impreparati,
senza pullover né sciarpe. Nuvole inattese
dal mattino oscurano le colline. Dobbiamo sbrigarci
a fare un po’ di provviste, perché tra poco arrivano
i venti sbraitanti. I vapori della cucina
occupano il primo posto nel silenzio del corridoio. A uno a uno
chiudono i locali sul mare. Sul molo bagnato

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Yoshio Markino ( 1870-1956) | The Colour of London

Makino Yoshio / 牧野 義雄, known as Yoshio Markino, was a Japanese🎨 Impressionist Watercolor painter and writer born in Koromo (Toyota City).
In 1893, he travelled to San Francisco where he trained at the Hopkins Art School, before arriving in London in 1897, instantly falling in love with the city.
He spent hours walking the streets, fascinated by the effect of mist and fog on the appearance of buildings, especially under gaslight.

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Rabindranath Tagore / Marc Chagall | Unending Love / Amore senza fine

Marc Chagall🎨 | La branche de gui or Le rêve, 1928

Sembra che ti abbia amato in innumerevoli modi, innumerevoli volte…
nella vita dopo la vita, ripetutamente, sempre.

Il mio cuore incantato ha creato e ricreato la collana delle canzoni,
che hai accettato in dono e hai messo attorno al tuo collo a modo tuo,
nella vita dopo la vita, ripetutamente, sempre.

Ogni qualvolta odo vecchie cronache d’amore, è un’annosa pena,
l’antica storia di trovarci lontani l’uno dall'altro o insieme.

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Maya Angelou / René Magritte | I know why the caged bird sings

The free bird leaps
on the back of the wind
and floats downstream
till the current ends
and dips his wings
in the orange sun rays
and dares to claim the sky.

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Fabian Perez, 1967

"Beauty, in every sense of the word, is my inspiration and by consequence, the common denominator between the subject or the object I create"
- Fabian Perez

Argentine🎨 painter and sculptor Fabian Perez has achieved important artistic recognition internationally and his work is exhibited in galleries around the world.
Fabian's art and style are unique; his art reflects passion, emotion and pure energy.
He is the creator of a new style of painting that he has called Neo Emotionalism, which is characterized by a dramatic narrative style and heady atmosphere.

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Léon Pilet | Un Coup de vent, 1888

Léon Pilet was a French sculptor🎨 and medalist born in 1836 and died in 1916, known for his classical subjects in bronze.
Pilet also produced male and female figurines from clay, marble and ivory. Many of his works depict religious as well as historical figures.
Pilet presented "Le Coup de vent" during the Paris Universal Exposition of 1888, now at the Musée Granet - Aix-en-Provence.
The artist continued to exhibit at the Salon🎨 from 1861 to 1914.

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Egon Schiele | The portrait of the silent pale girl, 1910

An effusion of my love, – Yes.
I loved everything. The girl came, -
I found here face;
Her unconsciousness
Her worker’s hands,
I loved everything about

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Egon Schiele | I was first to see the eternal avenues of spring, 1910

I was first to see the eternal avenues of spring, the raging storm
and had to take my leave, -
endlessly of all the locations of life.

in those early days the level lands were around me, at that time
I had already heard and smelled the miracle flowers, the speechless

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Alda Merini / Leonora Carrington | Ci sono notti che non accadono mai.. ✿

Leonora Carrington🎨 ( British-born Mexican painter, 1917-2011) | Self-portrait with orthopedic brace, 1973

Ci sono notti
che non accadono mai
e tu le cerchi
muovendo le labbra.

Poi t’immagini seduto
al posto degli Dèi.

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Pablo Neruda | If you forget me / Se tu mi dimentichi, 1952 ✿

Georg Pauli (1855-1935) Aftonrodd

I want you to know
one thing.
You know how this is:
if I look
at the crystal moon, at the red branch
of the slow autumn at my window,
if I touch
near the fire
the impalpable ash
or the wrinkled body of the log,

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Pedro Salinas / Francisco Ribera Gómez | I look for you! ✿

Francisco Ribera Gómez🎨 (Spanish painter, 1907-1996)

Yes, behind other people
I look for you.
Not in your name if they say it,
not in your image if they paint it.
Behind, behind, beyond.
Sì, al di là della gente
ti cerco.
Non nel tuo nome, se lo dicono,
non nella tua immagine, se la dipingono.
Al di là, più in là, più oltre.

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Auguste Leroux (1871-1954) | Figurative / Genre painter

Jules Marie Auguste Leroux was a French painter🎨 and illustrator. His younger brother Georges Paul Leroux (1877-1957) was also a brilliant artist who won the Prix de Rome in painting in 1906 and was a member of the Académie des Beaux-arts.
Jules Marie Auguste Leroux was born in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris on 14 April 1871, during the Commune.

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Angele Dubos (1844-1916)

Angèle Dubos born Laure Constance Angèle Dubos was a student of the great painter Charles Chaplin (1825-1891)🎨, which opens a course devoted solely to women artists🎨, among which we can mention Mary Cassatt🎨 and Louise Abbéma.
Chaplin encourages its students to participate. She is the first winner🎨 of the contest that gets the gold medal.

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Salvatore Quasimodo / Fabian Perez | Mi chiedi parole..

Mi chiedi parole. Ma il tempo
precipita come un masso sulla mia anima
che vuole certezze, e più non ha sillabe
da offrire se non quelle silenziose
del sangue legate al tuo nome,
o mia vita, mio amore senza fine.

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Mikki Senkarik, 1954 | Romantic Impressionist painter

Mikki Senkarik illustrated 47 major medical textbooks and in her nine years as a medical illustrator was honored 5 times with the Award🎨 of Excellence by her peers.
Before switching to oils she was the most sought after medical artist during her years of practice.
She says, "There is nothing accidental about quality".

Senkarik had dreamed of being an artist as long as she can remember. Her mother recognized the spark of genius before Mikki entered kindergarten.