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Edward B. Gordon, 1966 | Figurative painter

Edward B. Gordon is a German painter🎨 who specializes in impressionist portraits.
An observer, a chronicler of moments, Edward B. Gordon is a passionate portraitist of modern daily life who splits his time between London and Berlin.
His works use muted, delicate hues and soft brushstrokes to create emotive depictions of his subjects.

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Edward Gordon, 1940 | Interior painter

Edward Gordon was born in Ocean City, New Jersey and received a BA from Rutgers University.
Over the past ten years Edward has received numerous honors and awards🎨 including: Cover and Center Spread, Yankee Magazine, March 2000; The Artists Magazine, May 1995; Cover Competition, First Prize, Landscape Division, The Artists Magazine; Finalist in the 1994 Arts for the Parks Competition

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Pablo Neruda: Never Blame Anyone / Non incolpare nessuno!

Sarolta Ban (Hungarian artist, 1982)

Never complain about anyone, nor anything,
because basically you have done
what you wanted in your life.

Accept the difficulty of improving yourself
and the courage to start changing yourself.
The triumph of the true man emerges from
the ashes of his mistake.

Non incolpare nessuno,
non lamentarti mai di nessuno, di niente,
perché in fondo
Tu hai fatto quello che volevi nella vita.

Accetta la difficoltà di costruire te stesso
ed il valore di cominciare a correggerti.
Il trionfo del vero uomo
proviene delle ceneri del suo errore.

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Timothy Easton, 1943 | Impressionist painter

Timothy Nigel Dendy Easton, was born in Tadworth, Surrey, son of Dendy Bryan Easton, and his wife Iris Joan née Keyser, his brother was Dendy Peter Easton, a fine art consultant at Bonham's and Sotheby's.
Encouraged by his father's passion for collecting paintings and his own keen interest in drawing, Easton decided he wished to become an artist.

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Yigal Ozeri, 1958 | Photorealist painter

New York City based Israeli artist Yigal Ozeri is best known for his large-scale cinematic portraits of distinctive young women in rich prodigious landscapes.
With tinges of Pre-Raphaelite aesthetics, Ozeri brings an ethereal and uninhibited sensibility to his paintings.
His portraits denote art historical foundations in romanticism, while also offering contemporary notions of sensual femininity.

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Anna Nuwka Ivanova, 1984 | Watercolor Ballet Dancers

Анна Иванова was born in Kazan, Russia.
She graduated from an art school in 1998, the class of Suyurov F.A., a member of The Painters Union of Russia.
Anna earned her medical degree from Kazan State Medical University, the faculty of preventive medicine in 2008.

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Mark Daly, 1956 | Impressionist painter

Mark Daly is a professional American🎨 Impressionist artist of city street, beach and boat scenes.
He has received prominent awards🎨 in national juried art exhibitions.
Mark was taught to draw at an early age by Elizabeth Daly (his mother) and Woodhull Young (Curator of the Vanderbilt Museum). In recent years, CW Mundy🎨 has mentored Mark in oil painting.

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Guido Borelli, 1952 | Landscape painter

Guido Borelli da Caluso is an Italian painter🎨. He was born in Caluso.
He comes from an artistic background, and his family always encouraged him to develop his talent, as early as childhood.
He won a contest at 13 and held his first exhibition at the age of 17 at Ars Plauda Gallery in Turin.

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Ted Dyer, 1940 | Romantic Impressionist painter

Ted Dyer is Cornwall's leading Seascape and Landscape impressionist classic painter.
His work is acclaimed internationally through his many exhibitions, prints, art cards and books and he is probably Cornwalls most widely collected artist.
Ted Dyer was born in Bristol. He has lived and worked for most of his life in the West country. His younger years were spent in Devon and Somerset, then in 1972 he moved with his family to Cornwall.

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Marius van Dokkum, 1957

Marius van Dokkum, born in Andijk, studied at the Christian Academy for Expressive Art in Kampen, with principle subject Illustration.
After the academy he settled in Apeldoorn, where he is still working as art painter, illustrator and designer.

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Frederic Payet, 1960 | Impressionist painter

Born on the French Island of Madagascar where the sunny, colorful and exotic atmosphere and a quality of light found nowhere else, has influenced his art to this day; Frederic was reared in Paris and moved to the United States, in 1989.
His defining style is impressionism which he uses to encapsulate his perceptions of the world. Frederic’s work conveys the long-lost environments of a calm countryside and cityscape whether French or North American.

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Daniel Sannier, 1944 | Impressionist painter

Contemporary French artist🎨 Daniel Sannier lives and works in his home town, an ancient city on the bay of the Somme River.
Most of the inspirations for his beautiful landscape paintings come from this area in Northern France known as "Picardie".
The orchards in bloom, the quiet side waters of the Somme River covered with Water lilies and the wide fields of "Colza" - these are his subjects and for that he has become well known throughout Europe as well in the United States.

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Jean-Charles Decoudun, 1962 | Paris painter

Fascinated by pedestrian streets and squares, churches and covered markets, in fact, with everyday life, the French painter🎨 Jean-Charles Decoudun uses watercolors to paint these scenes of life.
The artist observes and notes that people are attracted to these places of daily scenes and enjoys painting their squares, cafés and streets. The subjects of his paintings are, in his eyes, the true creators.

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Vladimir Babich / Владимир Бабич, 1953

Vladimir Babich is a contemporary Russian artist🎨.
He works in the style of Post-impressionism following the traditions of Van Gogh🎨, Monet🎨.
Vladimir N. Babich graduated from the Moscow University of Art (Stroganovskoye uchilishye).
He is a member of Moscow Artists Association since 1986.

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Andrew Tischler, 1983 | Realist painter

Australian painter🎨 Andrew Tischler enjoys a thriving art career in his chosen field of realism painting, capturing the magnificence of some of the world’s most harsh, beautiful and imposing landscapes such as the Kimberley, Pilbara, Murray River Region, Great Ocean Rd, Flinders Ranges and the USA.

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Piotr Stoliarenko (1925-2018) | Post-impressionist painter

Piotr Kuzmich Stoliarenko / Петр Кузьмич Столяренко - a landscape, seascape and dreamy garden painter, a master of still-life and genre paintings, is considered as one of the most fascinating of the Crimean artists🎨.
He is called the Soviet post-impressionist, and his art - a crucial classic of Soviet and post-Soviet painting.
The artist was born in the picturesque village of Kertch, a delightful fishing village in the Crimea, on the edge of the Azov Sea.
Piotr Stoliarenko attended the Aivazovsky academy of fine arts and was a pupil of Nikolai Barsamov.

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Jim Daley, 1951 | Genre painter

Born in Holdenville, Oklahoma, Jim Daly studied at the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, California.
His paintings of American genre are represented in many private and corporate collections and have received numerous awards🎨.
His paintings also appear in the permanent collections of the Favell Museum in Klamath Falls, Oregon, the U.S. Marshall Historical Society, Fort Lauderdale, Florida and The Old West Museum in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

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Daniel Sprick, 1953

Daniel Sprick is an Colorado-based artist, known for his contemporary realism in figurative, still-life and landscape paintings.
For Sprick, Northern and Italian Renaissance are the periods some of his favorite artworks were done. Starting with the 1400s, and going forward to the work of Hans Holbein🎨 and Vermeer🎨.

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Vladimir Kush, 1965

Vladimir Kush is a Russian🎨 born surrealist painter and sculptor.
He studied at the Surikov Moscow Art Institute, and after several years working as an artist in Moscow, his native city, he emigrated to the United States, eventually establishing his own gallery on the island of Maui in Hawaii.

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Aykut Aydogdu, 1986

Istanbul-based freelance illustrator Aykut Aydoğdu has developed a unique style creating surreal, enigmatic digital art. He is also known as "aykutmaykut".
His surreal figurative works are mainly concentrated on the dilemmas of the daily life.